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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Using AllPaws and How to Adopt a Pet on AllPaws

Please read our Adoption Do's & Dont's for helpful tips

General Questions

Questions about Finding a Pet to Adopt

  • Oh no! We have well over 100,000 pets listed on, however if there are no pets listed in your area, please choose a near-by zip code or expand your search criteria! Please also be aware that if you use many different search filters, you may refine your search so much that little or no results are available.

  • Many organizations and pet owners only put in basic profile characteristics when creating their pet profiles. The search filters listed under “Show More Filters” include many profile fields with limited results. Thus, there are likely many more pets that contain some of these qualities as well – they simply do not have those fields completed on their profiles yet.

  • You can start the adoption process by clicking "send message" button or "Ask a question" button on the profile. We also feature organization contact information right on a pet’s profile, so you can contact them via the information there as well.

  • You can direct message any organization on the site by clicking the "send message" button or "Ask a question" button on the profile. We also feature organization contact information right on a pet’s profile, so you can contact them via the information there as well.

  • We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the profile, however all of our pet profiles are created by the pet owner, shelter, or rescue organization and thus we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information posted. If you believe there is inaccurate information please click “report” on a pet’s profile and we will investigate immediately!

  • We take reports very seriously. If for any reason you believe a profile needs to be investigated, please click any of the “Report” buttons on the pet profile page or message inbox.

  • Please click the “report” button on the profile and/or contact us right away and we will look into it immediately!

  • On the search page, right under “zip code”, look for a link that says “Saved Searches”. Click that link and you will see your recently saved searches by name.

  • Click the “heart” icon on the top right of any profile on the search page, or click the "save to favorites" button on a pet's profile to save a profile to your “Favorites” list.

  • Click "My Saved Searches" from the top of the search page and then click "Manage My Saved Searches" from the dropdown menu and then you can delete or edit any previously saved search. There is also a link in the emails that you can click to edit or delete your saved searches.

  • Go to “Favorites” in the "My AllPaws" dropdown and then click the heart icon on the pet you want to remove from your favorites. When you refresh the page, that pet will no longer be listed.

  • If you no longer see a pet in your favorites and you did not remove it yourself, it is because that pet was removed from by the organization or pet owner. This could be due to a variety of factors – most commonly an adoption or pending adoption.

  • This pet’s profile is no longer active. This is likely due to an adoption or pending adoption.

  • Go to “My Account” under the "My AllPaws" dropdown. Then, click on "Email Preferences". From here, you can choose what kind of emails you want to receive. Don't forget to hit "save"!

  • If you don’t know what kind of pet you want, try clicking “Help Me Decide!”

  • “Help Me Decide” is for users who don’t know what kind of pet they want or are not sure what kind of characteristics they are looking for. When you click on Help Me Decide, you are brought to a search page that explains what criteria you can search for to help you narrow down what you’d like to see in your results.

Questions about Listing a Pet for Adoption

  • You can post directly on by clicking "My AllPaws" then “My Listings" then "Create a New Listing” or via an account at which offers the option to post your pets at as part of their service.

  • No. is adoption and rescue-only!

  • No. is 100% free to post, no matter how many pets you post!

  • Our meme generator allows you to add captions to the pet image containing cute or funny text (select from preset captions or create your own). The image can then be shared on Facebook and other social networks or simply saved and downloaded. This is a great way to help pets get seen and adopted!

  • If you want to change the contact information on a pet you have listed, first click on “My Listings"in the drop down "My AllPaws" at the top of the page. Find the pet you wish to edit. Click “edit information.” From here, you can find the section “contact information” and make your changes. Don’t forget to hit save!

  • Click on “My Listings” from the dropdown "My AllPaws", find the profile you wish to edit and click “Edit Photos.”

  • Click on "My AllPaws" and then click on “My Listings”. Find the pet you wish to edit and click "edit"
    From here, you can edit the information you wish to change. Don’t forget to click save!

  • Click on "My AllPaws" and then “My Listings”. This will bring you to your current listings. Find the listing you wish to pause and you’ll see a “pause” button on the main picture. The “pause” button allows you to temporarily remove the pet from being seen on without completely deleting the listing. If you wish to have the pet appear on the site again, all you have to do is click “unpause” and it will re-appear in search results!

  • We take reporting very seriously. If you feel that a user needs to be investigated, please click “report user” on their profile or in the message inbox.